ENDIAMA pay support to the School of Sciences of UAN


ENDIAMA has recently delivered a Toyota vehicle, Land-Cruiser model and computer equipment, including computers and overhead projectors to support academic activities at the School of Sciences of Agostinho Neto University, as part of its social responsability.

The executive director Domingos Margarida who was representing the chairman of the board directors Ganga Júnior, said that the donation is part of the spirit of cooperation between ENDIAMA E.P, and that institution of higher education.

“The structures of the Ministry of Mineral Resources and ENDIAMA are committed to enhance the qualified training of national staff in the field of engineering, because from there will come out technical experts in geology and geophysics that will feed our mines,” explained Domingos Margarida.

According to the executive director Margarida, ENDIAMA has become a producing company, so it will be necessary to increase technicians with the quality needed for the field, so the training in masters will be essential for the company in various stages of mining.

The Responsible stated that it is necessary to do this in an official way, donating a vehicle that will be important for field trips to collect samples and other scientific research work.

The head of the department of Geophysics of the Agostinho Neto University, Manuel António Seque, praised the gesture of ENDIAMA E.P, and considered the donation of such equipment as an asset for teaching and scientific research.

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