Catoca Journalism Prize: 2nd edition winners announced today


The winners of the 2nd edition of the Catoca Journalism Prize will be announced today, Tuesday, April 16, during the Finalists Gala organized by the Sociedade Mineira de Catoca, which will take place at the Talatona Convention Centre in Luanda.

Promoter of the prize said in a press release that it had received more than 100 applications which were assessed by an independent jury committee to determine the winners of the seven categories of the Catoca Journalism Prize 2024.

It should be remembered that the prize is valued at more than 20 million kwanzas, and for the Catoca Journalism Grand Prize category, the winner will receive five million kwanzas.

The winner of the Eastern Journalist category will receive 3 million kwanzas, while the journalists who are confirmed winners in the Reporting, Interview, Image, Journalism in a National Language and Best Speaker categories will each take home 2 million 500 thousand kwanzas.

According to the promoter, there will also be an honorable mention for the journalists who have stood out the most throughout their careers, making their contribution to the country’s development in the most diverse sectors.

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