UNICEF studies partnership with Fundação Brilhante


The United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF, is interested in strengthening relations with the Fundação Brilhante- Social Face of the Diamond Subsector, based on the joint implementation of programs for children and young people.

The Head of the Communications and Partnerships Section, Atul Kumar, and the Communications Officer, Heitor Lourenço, were received on Tuesday by the Fundação Brilhante’s Deputy Director General for Administration and Finance, Hermenegildo Gomes Lopes, who gave an overview of the foundation’s history and presented some of the main projects developed in the country’s different provinces, with a special focus on the provinces of eastern Angola as part of its social responsibility and community development activities.

Atul Kumar, Head of UNICEF’s Communications and Partnerships Section, presented the initiative to empower and strengthen the skills of young people called by Generation Unlimited, implemented in more than 65 countries around the world, and the different forms of partnership with the private sector to achieve the rights of children and young people in Angola.

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