Sagrada Esperança presents success case of cerebral aneurism


Sagrada Esperança Clinic has held in the last two years seven surgeries to the patients with cerebral aneurysm, a condition caused by a dilatation that occurs in the weakened wall of an artery of the brain and is one of the main causes of hemorrhagic stroke.

The information was given by Wilson Teixeira, the chief of the neurosurgery service of CSE.

The specialist has recently presented one of the successful cases, which earned international recognition by medical teams of neurosurgeons in South Africa, Namibia and Portugal.

“We are talking about a patient who arrived at the Sagrada Esperança Clinic with a very worrying condition. We performed some exams and identified a cerebral aneurysm. We have informed her family about the need to undergo an intervention and the it was very successfully”, he described.

Wilson Teixeira also explained that the treatment of the patients with cerebral aneurysm should be done in a timely manner using classical surgical techniques, to open the skull and separate the brain structures, closing the affected vessel with a surgical clip so that the blood does not circulate outside the arteries, otherwise they will experience serious complications.

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