Angola and Namibia, cooperation in mining sector with reciprocal advantages


Deputy minister of Mines and Energy of the Republic of Namibia, Kornelia Shilunga, said on Monday in Luanda, that the cooperation protocol in the mining sector recently signed by Angola and Namibia will bring reciprocal advantages for both countries.

Kornelia Shilunga was speaking at the end of her visit to ENDIAMA-E.P, where he met with the chairman of the board of directors of the national diamond company, Ganga Junior, to learn about the technical aspects of the memorandum which is already in operation.

The minister praised, on the other hand, the efforts that ENDIAMA’s management has undertaken for the expansion of its value chain and for the diversification of the economy, which may ensure greater sustainability to their projects.

The Deputy Minister Kornelia Shilunga recalled that this cooperation covers several areas of action, including legislative reform, training and development of common projects in the field of mining.

The executive director of ENDIAMA-E.P, Ana Feijó, has noted Namibia’s experience in exploiting diamonds in the sea, and said this is the path that Angola should follow in the future.

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