Attracting investment remains a priority for the mining sector


Mineral Resources sector in Angola is challenging and is still seeking to attract investment and discover new geological mining potential in order to exceed production of 10 million carats a year.

This statement was made on Monday by the Secretary of State for Mineral Resources, Jânio Corrêa Victor, when he was speaking to the press on the sidelines of the opening ceremony of the 2024 Mining Worker Days, which will run until the 27th of this month.

The official said that the sector, which is very diversified, is also working on developing multiple value chains, so the investment will allow for a significant increase in production.

With regard to gold production, he said that there are geologically some occurrences, and that with the surveys carried out by the National Geology Plan, the country has maps with greater detail that have allowed it to make considerable bets in terms of investment.

According to Jânio Victor, the challenge at the moment is to increase the production of precious stones and metals, increase the production and processing of ornamental rocks and take advantage of non-metallic resources such as iron, phosphate and potash.

Likewise, increasing the production of ferrous metals, increasing diamond cutting and increasing Angola’s geological knowledge, with a view to drawing up maps and updating the resource inventory.

Among the activities of the mining workers’ days are the awarding of the Catoca Journalism Prize, the opening of the chess championship, a poetry moment, a workshop on gold, a photographic exhibition, a book launch and the mining cycling prize.

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