Luachimba Project in advanced stage of prospection


The director of Geology of ENDIAMA – E.P, Rogério Guimarães, has recently revealed that the works developed in the Luachimba project are in advanced stage and the existence of minerals in its concession has already been identified.

During an interview, Rogério Guimarães said that in the near future ENDIAMA will be able to process the first diamond stones in that mine.

“At the moment we have two projects of our own underway, Luachimba and Xamacanda, which are the biggest challenges. We’ve started work on the Xamacanda project in January 2023, beginning the life field survey and we have the team working over there. As for Luachimba, it is at a more advanced stage. We have already identified the existence of the ore, we are on the right track and we hope to start testing and processing still this year,” he said.

According to the geologist, the volume of carats to be processed in the Luachimba pilot production phase is dependent on the study that will be done after its treatment plant starts operating.

The Luachimba and Xamacanda projects, located in Lunda Norte, in the municipalities of Lucapa and Cuango, respectively, are one hundred percent owned by ENDIAMA.

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