ENDIAMA works to extend its value chain


The president of ENDIAMA, José Manuel Ganga Júnior, said on Tuesday in Cape Town that the state-owned diamond company is increasingly focusing on diversifying its economic activity.

Speaking to the press as part of Angola’s participation in the International Conference on Mining in Africa, Ganga Júnior explained that ENDIAMA plans to increase its value chain, and that includes increasing cutting to 20 percent of diamonds produced in the country.

Ganga Júnior noted moreover that “important steps” have already been taken, mainly with the construction work, underway, of the Gold Refinery, and the next step is to produce and sell jewelry in Angola, in order to gradually overcome the gap between production and cutting of diamonds in the country.

ENDIAMA is one of the companies representing Angola at the International Conference on Mining in Africa “Mining Indaba- 2023”, along with CATOCA, SODIAM, AJ SILVA, Chitotolo, Yetwene, Furi and Kaixepa Mining Societies, Geosondas, Minbos Resources, Ozango Minerals, Hipermáquinas and Shinning Star.

Imprensa Endiama

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