Huíla- ENDIAMA supports construction of CERPA in Gambos


The foundation stone for the construction of the Regional Center for Agro-Ecological Practices (CERPA), an academic-professional training institute that will focus on family farming issues adapted to climate change, as well as environmental protection initiatives was laid Friday, in the municipality of Gambos, Huíla province.

On the occasion, the parish vicar of Lubango, Domingos Maurício Capembe, said that he hoped the project would develop the communities in these areas, which previously struggled cyclically with the problems of drought.

The general director of the Brilhante Foundation, Bruno dos Santos, representing the chairman of the board of ENDIAMA-E.P, Ganga Júnior, expressed his belief in the sustainability of CERPA and said that it was an initiative that should be replicated throughout the country.

The construction work on the Regional Center for Agro-Ecological Practices will last 18 months and will be financed by ENDIAMA to the tune of over a billion kwanzas, through the Brilhante Foundation, the social face of the diamond subsector.

The contract also includes the reconstruction of the parish of Santo António dos Gambos, a health center, a water supply system, residences for the priests, teachers and nurses who will be providing services to the community.

CERPA will be located in the Catholic Mission of Santo António dos Gambos, in the commune of Tyihepepe, 140 kilometers from the city of Lubango, the capital of Huíla province.

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