ENDIAMA promotes workshop on EITI implementation in Angola


Angolan National Diamond Company held, Monday in Luanda, a workshop on the Implementation of the Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative in Angola.

The aim of the event was to analyze the impact of the initiative on the mining sector and included an approach to the country’s accession to the EITI and the disclosure of some points contained in its first report.

Speaking to the press at the end of the meeting, the executive director of ENDIAMA-E.P, Laureano Reacedo Paulo, said that the workshop made it possible to convey to those involved in the diamond industry how important Angola’s membership of the EITI is.

“We are aware that this initiative has an impact and has made it possible for major companies such as Anglo American, De Beers and Rio Tinto to have greater credibility in the country, not only from a geological point of view, but also through this body,” he stressed.

The deputy director of the National Secretariat for the Implementation of the EITI, Beatriz Catomi, said that there were various actions being carried out by Angola as part of its membership of the organization.

She also said that there are still processes that need to be aligned with internationally accepted standards as requirements for entry into the EITI, and the second evaluation of our country will take place in October this year.

“The first report was released in December 2023, and it wasn’t possible to have reconciliation, but Angola will be assessed in the second report and, according to our action plan, we will comply with all the requirements,” he guaranteed.

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