CATOCA- New suction pumps improve work at the mine


Catoca Mining Company has recently acquired nine suction pumps with an advanced automation system in South Africa with a pumping capacity of up to 800 cubic meters per hour.

This acquisition will guarantee a better flow and suction of the water submerged in the mine, according to the head of the Water Evacuation section, José Jorge Chingango.

He also said that these are highly qualified pumps that will give greater vitality to the work, which will be maintained initially by South African specialists and later by Angolan staff.

For Catoca’s water pump foreman, André Jacinto, the operation is similar to that of the previous pumps, although it is more efficient and faster.

André Jacinto also said that the equipment will be handled by technicians assigned to the Mining Department.

Catoca Mining Company, located in the province of Lunda Sul, began operations in 1997 and its majority shareholder is the Angolan state, through ENDIAMA, with 59% of the company’s total share capital.

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