Somiluana inaugurates new sorting plant


The Somiluana Mining Company, in the province of Lunda-Norte, will inaugurate its new Sorting Plant (CRP) next April, with a capacity of 6 tons of cubic meters, which could contribute to an increase in diamond production in that secondary deposit of around 12,000 carats per month and the creation of more than 700 jobs, the deputy general director of the mining company, Guilherme Raimundo, said on Wednesday.

The inauguration of the project marks the start of the large-scale production phase and is part of the Technical-Scientific Conference on Mining Workers’ Day, taking place from April 15 to 27, under the slogan “The Revolution and Prospects for Mining Activity in Angola”.

The Mining Workers’ Days should also be marked by the inauguration of the Cácata Phosphate Exploration Project, in Cabinda province, the “Catoca Journalism Award” Gala, a seminar on “Mineral Resources and the Gold Value Chain in Angola”, among other initiatives.

The mine is 33 percent owned by Somiluana and 67 percent by ENDIAMA.

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