Somiluana celebrates 13 years of existence


Somiluana Mining Society celebrated Wednesday, June 7, its 13th anniversary, which festivities were being marked by various activities.

The mine’s deputy director-general, Guilherme Raimundo, said that Somiluana’s main challenges are to achieve excellence in its production, improving the living conditions of its workers, as well as to increase its contribution to the revenues destined to the State coffers.

Currently the works in the mine take place in the three operational fronts, one in the Calonda formation and two in Lezíria.

Guilherme Raimundo also spoke of the need to mobilize resources to guarantee the recovery of some assets and machines in a state of breakdown, in order to reach the four existing fronts in that diamond mine.

In December 2022, Somiluana needed an investment of about 35 million US dollars, an amount that, according to deputy director-general, has already begun to be applied in stages, looking at the economic and financial constraints that exist around the world, with negative influences on the price of diamonds. In his message on the occasion of Somiluana anniversary, Guilherme Raimundo has called for an environment of greater unity among employees, stressing that teamwork is the right way to the success and well-being of all, and emphasized that no one achieves anything alone.

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