Lulo’s diamonds yield more than $10 million at SODIAM auction


Lucapa Diamond’s 40%-owned Lulo alluvial diamond mine, in Angola generated $10.7 million from four stones auctioned at the just-ended online rough diamond tender conducted by SODIAM.

The revenue realised from the Lulo stones accounted for almost half of the $21.7 million generated from the tender.

SODIAM tendered 36 single stones in total.

The Angolan national diamond trading company supplied no additional information about the sizes of the four Lulo diamonds other than that they were +10.80 carat stones.

A stone from Chitotolo production also made a strong showing as it was sold for $4 million, while seven from Catoca production earned $2.3 million.

At least 19 single stones from Kaixepa production generated $2.1 million and a stone from Uari raked in $1.1 million.

Two stones from Luminas production brought in $970 000, while single stones from Lunhinga, and Cooperativa Moquita productions were sold for $521 000 and $11 000, respectively.

SODIAM realised $28,7 million from the sale of 1,819.79 carats at its fifth international rough tender last November.

The diamonds sold were special productions from Lulo, Catoca, and Luele.

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