ENDIAMA forecasts production of over 14 million carats by 2024


The chairman of the Board of Directors of ENDIAMA-E.P, Ganga Júnior, has revealed Wednesday in Luanda that the Company had raised one billion, five hundred and eleven million, seventy-seven thousand, eight hundred and twelve (1,511,077,812) US dollars, resulting from the sale of 9.7 million carats of diamonds produced in 2023.

Ganga Júnior, who was speaking at a press conference to present the balance sheet of the company’s activities last year, also said that ENDIAMA expects to produce 14.6 million carats of diamonds this year, with the prospect of gross revenue of 2.5 billion dollars.

“This is our plan for 2024. It’s quite challenging, because in 2023 we had 9.7 million carats,” said the manager, speaking to journalists from a wide range of media outlets.

According to Ganga Júnior, there are infrastructure conditions and geological reserves to be implemented, but reaching this target will require more work in the area of prospecting and exploration.

ENDIAMA-E.P.’s CEO said that there is also a strategy to internationalize the company’s services, which will take care of the process of setting up “Endiama International Services” to deal with the marketing of diamonds, with offices in Dubai, China and Macau, where the country’s diamond production will also be directed.

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