SODIAM to auction 18 special diamonds


SODIAM is holding on the 19th of April an auction of 18 special stones, including three pink diamonds for clients registered in its database.

According to a statement issued by the company last Friday, the lot includes 18 stones weighing more than 10 carats, including two from the Lulo mine, two from Uari production, one from Chitotolo, one from Somiluana production and 12 from Kaixepa.

“From the lot of 18 stones, we highlight a pink stone from Somiluana, two pink stones from Kaixepa and a 116.18 carat stone from Lulo,” the document states, indicating that this is the ninth rough diamond auction organized by SODIAM, the last having been held in December 2023.

SODIAM also says that the auction will be organized in collaboration with Trans Atlantic Gem, in Luanda, and the viewing sessions will take place between 11 and 18 April at the company’s headquarters.

SODIAM raised a total of 211 million US dollars in previous auctions.

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