Samulambo gains social infrastructures


The Samulambo population (municipality of Lucapa), neighbors of the Yetwene Project concession won, this Tuesday, a set of social infrastructures, namely, a school, a health center, a water borehole with a fountain and a community laundry, and 5 houses for the Sobas (local, traditional authorities)) in the framework of the Miner’s Day 2022 celebrations.

The inauguration of the infrastructures that have been built from scratch by the Yetwene Mining Project (assessed in around 280 million kwanzas) was made by the State Secretary of Mineral Resources, Jânio Corrêa Victor together with the Lunda-Norte Vice-Governor, Deolinda Odia Satula Vilarinho.

Lisângela Silva, Head of the Yetwene HSA Sector described the various features of the infrastructures that will serve the Samulambo population in the future.

The Soba Agostinho Sauica “Kambafunge” expressed, in the name of the population, satisfaction for the now made available to them infrastructures.

Francisca Sara, on behalf of the community, thanked the Yetwene Project for laying its stakes in the agriculture production stimulation among women with the preparation of several hectares for the Samulambo population to plant.

Imprensa Endiama

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