Sagrada Esperança Clinic in Talatona has new medical service


The Sagrada Esperança Clinic in Talatona has now a new medical service, inaugarated this month. That’s the Gastroenterology Unit that will start doing gastric examinations in order to ensure a more complete and personalized service to the users.

With the opening of the gastroenterology unit in Talatona, this private health unit, which previously performed only gastroenterology, hepatology, inflammatory bowel disease and proctology consultations, has now created the conditions to attend a variety of endoscopic medical examinations such as: Upper digestive endoscopy, rectosigmoidoscopy, total colonoscopy and proctological examination or anuscopy with or without anesthesics.

The service of gastroenterology of the Clinic is the result of its continuous investment in the formation of its staff in order to continue training health professionals to improve the health sector in Angola.

The Clinic was founded on the 1st of August 2006 and it is part of the Sagrada Esperança Clinic’s Group, which is a reference in the health sector in Angola.

This health unit is located in the S10 street in the Talatona municipality, in Luanda and it is an institution of social dimension, endorsed with legal personality, with administrative, financial and patrimonial autonomies.

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