Mining sector projected to contribute with more than 2% to Angola’s GDP


The Secretary of State for Mineral Resources, Jânio Corrêa Victor, reiterated on Thursday in Luanda that Angola will continue to work to diversify mineral production, with a view to increasing this sector’s contribution to more than 2% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Jânio Corrêa Victor was speaking to journalists at the Aníbal de Melo Press Center, as part of the thematic sessions carried out by the Ministry of Telecommunications, Information Technology and Social Communication, which aim to present to society the “Objectives and Main Projects included in the National Development Plan 2023-2027”.

The Secretary of State presented the New Governance Model for the Mining Sector, taking into account the government’s guiding matrix for transforming Angola into a more diversified mining country, with the implementation and development of its multiple value chains, supported by a policy of training national staff, highlighting the involvement of the private sector in business opportunities.

He focused his dissertation on nine basic points, highlighting the increase in Angola’s geological knowledge in order to draw up maps and update the inventory of the country’s existing resources, support for producers in order to increase the production of diamonds and gold and extend the value chain.

He also spoke of increasing the country’s diamond cutting capacity, promoting human capital, encouraging local content and social responsibility and strengthening environmental sustainability in the mining sector, which are other of the main objectives of the four-year period.

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