Luaxe may start production this year


The secretary of State for Mineral Resources, Jâneo Corrêa Victor, showed himself very optimistic on Friday, January 27th,  about the production phase of the Luaxe mine, which is expected to start this year.

Corrêa Victor was speaking during the closing of the balance of achievements on the production, commercialization and exportation of diamonds in 2022, which took place at the headquarters of the Ministry of Mirenal Resources, Oil and Gas.

The secretary of State hopes that the Luaxe kimberlite, located in the province of South Lunda-, will start operating this year and that the constraints caused by electricity issues will be overcome.

“We will try to produce with less operating costs. We know that the Ministry of Energy and Water has been committed to solving the electricity constraints, and this is good for our production areas. We have alternative sources in perspective,” he assured.

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