ENDIAMA invests USD 6 million in social responsibility


Over the last five years, Angola’s National Diamond Company has invested a total of six million US dollars in the Lucrécia Paím maternity hospital, to improve maternal and neonatal care in that unit, which is dedicated to the medical monitoring of pregnant women until the end of their pregnancy, as well as the care of parturients.

The financial support is part of its social responsibility and is the result of a memorandum signed in May 2018 between the Ministry of Mineral Resources, Oil and Gas and the Ministry of Health.

The general director of the Lucrécia Paím maternity hospital, Lígia Alves, said on Friday in Luanda that, as a result of this investment, the institution she runs now has “modern” intensive care units equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

According to the official, the benefits of this support also include improving the institution’s internal communications network, building and equipping the maternity ward’s pediatrics building, to guarantee care for children born prematurely, among others.

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