ENDIAMA forges closer partnerships with Chinese companies in the mining sector


Angola’s National Diamond Company is going to forge closer partnerships with Chinese companies to develop Angolan diamond projects.

The information was given last Saturday in Beijing by the chairman of the board of directors of ENDIAMA-E.P, Ganga Júnior, on the sidelines of the Angola-China Economic Forum, held as part of the strengthening of cooperation between the two countries.

ENDIAMA’s president explained that the trip to Beijing had had a “very positive” outcome, and that a partnership was already on the horizon to better exploit and help dispose of Angola’s diamond production.

“We decided to set up a subsidiary for cutting and marketing that would have a branch in the region. We’ve also been working with CTF in terms of buying and selling diamonds and we’ve just signed a contract to finance 50 million dollars, which will be used in the mining sector to develop the value chain, namely cutting and later jewelry,” he said.

Ganga Júnior has also pointed out that there is also great expectation for gold, which could raise the level of relations with Chinese companies in the field of mineral resources.

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