ENDIAMA begins to pay compensation to more than two thousand former workers


ENDIAMA begins today the process of paying compensation to former workers of mining companies that have been paralyzed for more than ten years in Lunda Norte province.

According to the coordinator of the Joint Technical Commission for this process, Felizardo Elias, there are a total of 2,423 former employees of the Lucapa, Luarica and Yetwene mining companies, which operated in the municipality of Lucapa, and the Luxinge and Fucauma diamond projects, located in the municipality of Cambulo.

He said that these compensations are the result of an agreement signed in 2013 between ENDIAMA’s management and the collective of former workers from those companies, each of whom could receive a monetary sum ranging from one million seven hundred thousand to one million two hundred thousand kwanzas.

In addition to these amounts, Felizardo Elias explains that the former employees of the companies in question will also benefit from an entrepreneurship project of their choice and a process for awarding scholarships to increase their academic qualifications, as well as those of their dependents.

The coordinator of the Joint Technical Commission negotiating the compensation process for former workers from the Lucapa, Laurica, Yetwene, Luxinge and Fucauma mining companies guarantees that this work will be completed by June 2024, after the second phase of the registration process for the missing former workers.

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