Sagrada Esperança guarantees vocational training for nurses


Sagrada Esperança Clinic has been carrying out a professional internship program for nursing technicians to hold the training and scientific, technical and human updating of nurses who are in the process of admission and framing in the CSE.

The information was advanced by the Director of Nursing of that health unit belonging to the ENDIAMA Group.

Manuel Tintas says it is a project that has been implemented every two years and aims to maintain the quality of services provided to users throughout the Clínica Sagrada Esperança Clinic.

“We do not allow newly trained professionals who enter our institution to directly assist patients, without first knowing a little of our policy in terms of training,” he said.

Tintas also recalled that the nursing profession is mostly practiced by women, and that they reach retirement age earlier due to various factors that contribute to their retirement.

“For this reason, CSE decided to introduce professional internships in the process of hiring new nurses, also renewing its work team with the passage of testimony from older employees to the new generation,” he explained.

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